7-10-2016 What's in the bag?

Past work:

Graphic Design 2D

thumbnail part from kidsweek junior logo, 2d graphic design   thumbnail part from a spread made for kidsweek junior, 2d graphic design   thumbnail part from 2d graphic design for aux chateaux   thumbnail part from Carpetright logo, 2d graphic design    


3D (animated) infographics

3D infographics for video precentation Philips   3D infographics all about olives   3d graphic animation dashboard clock   3d computer animation, infographics cellmutation   3d infographic computer animation verkiezings uitslagen   3d infographic left vs right handed   3D infographic city animation   3d infographic computer animation value at risk   3D animated infographics rail transport displacement   3D infographic growth dutch economy

3D infographic daily average company productivity   3D infographic mobile phone connections world wide   3D animated infographic animal and human reaction on toxic poisoning   3D Bridge simulation, 3d infographics for documentaries, animation   3D sailing boat presentation, animation usable for 3d infographics


3D animation

Maya Clock 2012   3d coffee beans animation commercial   3d falling balls animation for Toyota stand   3d graphic lighthouse animation   3d graphic butterfly animation   3d infographic animation for RTL news, editieNL   3d infographic plane model   3d animation company presentation ilimitado 3d graphics   happy new year 2010 3d graphic computer animation   3d graphic computer animation alien waste

3D graphic animated concept blue Builder   3d graphic animation happy new year 2011


3D stills

3d camera model, graphic design ad   3D mac model   3d model arrows in all directions   3d model vase with fake flowers   3d city render   3d graphics circlesaw model gamma   3d model vw t2 van, can be used in a 3d animation or 3d infographic   3D model Toyota Verso


News graphics (TV)

3d infographic, news graphic the White House   3d infographic, news graphic plane crash   infographic matte cars   infographic national mortgage guarantee several on screen infographics   3d animation for prinsjesdag   infographic business trips



showreel ilimitado 3d graphics 2011   showreel ilimitado 3d graphics 2010   showreel and business presentation ilimitado 3d graphics   showreel ilimitado 3d graphics 2009


Motion graphics and fun stuff

  motion graphics in yellow    Blue Twirls made in C4D and After Effects    drive a dream 3d graphic computer animation   3D graphic Animation movie The Universal language